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wrestle_icons's Journal

WWE & TNA Wrestling Icons
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Welcome to wrestle_icons. The newest community for posting all your wrestling icons. Please read the rules before joining.


1) When posting more than three icons, please use an LJ Cut. Any entries that breaks this rule will be deleted. As a general rule, please put anything that is not an icon (ie: header, profile banner, lovebar, etc.) underneath a cut.

2) This community is for icons that you have made, not for icons made by others. Please do not post icons that you did not make and do not post stolen icons.

3) Please be considerate when replying to a post, constructive criticism is fine (if asked for) but outright flaming and bashing is uncalled for and will not be tolerated. We all had to start somewhere after all.

4) If an icon maker asks for credit, please do the right thing and credit them.

5) Fake cuts are perfectly fine, just state that you are using one.

6) Unless an icon maker is taking requests, please do not make them. This community is for posting and sharing icons/graphics, only.

Your friendly mods are: skydagger & cherrycokerocks & sweetrapture82 . Should you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask.


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